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Need to spend real $ to keep playing!!!

It asks you to spend lots of real money to keep playing after 1st 9 holes of gameplay!

Play it if you have patience

Your energy max out at 5 (each hole costs 1) and it takes 1 hour to regenerate one energy. Some rounds require more energies which means you have to buy or play online. Play 5 rounds then wait. I couldnt enjoy it.

pretty good…but

I love the graphics and the way it plays, but having to buy energy to play every time after the first few games is crazy. I dont like spending money after getting apps, Id rather pay a few dollars and not have to worry about making in app purchases. 3 stars for the game and how it looks and plays.

I hate the pay to play approach

Its an improvement on Lets Golf 2 and Id pay a buck or two more as a one-time cost… especially since its fun to play with the kids. But with the pay-to-play scheme, it has already left my hard drive… one lost customer.

Your losing customer base with P2P

My two cents, Increase the cost of the app and remove the pay to play (energy system). It is absolutly ludacris that a golf game, that should be based around 18 holes of play, cuts you off after a maximum of 9 holes then asks you to pay for "energy". When was the last time any golfer needed "energy" to complete a round? Its no wonder online play is dead...people install then uninstall Lets Golf 3.

What did you do Gameloft….

completely butchered it, Lets Golf 1 and 2 were a lot better. Worse game play, worse graphics, terrible control.

Agree with others

Game play is not bad but the energy system that does not allow you to play a full round ruined it for me.

Wont run

I have this game on my iPhone and iPad so I was excited to see it here. Not once has the game loaded… all it does is crash. Very disappointing.

good but….

great game but why do we have to wait 1 hour to get more energy … :( and we only get 5 energy max and we need one for each holes

very expesive

nice game but very too expensive always ask of the money

Lets golf 3

Look people its for FREE!!!!! The only downside is that you have can play 10 holes because you have 10 energy. Graphics are ok and there is alot of costomization.

Cool game, but wasted time or money!

Really cool game! But it works with energy, that you either got to wait for it to fill up to 5 (bars of energy) or pay real cash to get more energy. And those 5 energy bars last 5 holes (1 bar/hole), so after 10 min, youre done playing and you got to wait 5h to be able to play another 10 min or pay real cash!!!

no energy

Hmmm…some reviews I see say you have to buy more points to keep playing? I have an issue where my energy is not reloading. Is what these people saying true about spending money for more energy?

Great game - poor execution

This game looks great and is loads of fun! The problem is after the 1st 18 holes, you cant play without spending money. I would pay $2.99 to unlock the entire game but they force you to spend $1.99 for a certain amount of playtime or $19.99 for the BEST DEAL. Its unfair and unattractive. I deleted it.


according to the description I should be able to play 5 holes per day for free,, not so,, Im considering deleting this app from my hard-drive,,

Pros and cons.

The gameplay is on par with the iPad version of this game, and the graphics are quite nice, if cartoonish. But, as others have mentioned, the energy scheme is a serious put off, as it runs out way too quickly, and requires the player spending money time and again, which predictively could become very expensive very fast. Gameloft has shown some excess greed in this case, as in the end their energy scheme will likely prove counterproductive. You cannot make money from disgruntled customers who ultimately turn their back on you. Personally, I wouldve been okay with spending a few dollars a month regularly in exchange for the enjoyment of playing whenever I please. I wouldve been all the more okay with that if the game included as many courses as in the iPad version of the game. As it stands, there are only four courses, two of which are of questionable interest. It is as though the Mac version was not taken nearly as seriously by the company as the iPad and iPhone version, which is a shame. Come on, Gameloft, issue an update that will remedy the two main areas of weakness I have highlighted, and you will have a profitable winner.

Games keeps “quitting unexpectedly"

I’ve had this for a while but I will be uninstalling it. It keeps crapping out and these nuckleheads keep asking for $$$ to play. DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP !

Can’t play because it crashes everytime I open it

I’m using a brand new 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina so it’s not my computer consider it works with every other game on my computer.

Mr. Put Off

Terrible money grab…now it wont even add energy points! Gameloft websute makes it impossible to complain. Very disappointed!



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